“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty too.”

On this day, I step on another milestone in my life. I’m NO LONGER A TEEN! Finally out of the kid’s zone, but I still look like a kid though. And while some of us might say that growing older is a curse, I say getting older is a gift.

It’s another year to cherish the blessings God has installed for us. It’s another year to be with your family, your friends and if you’re lucky enough with the love of your life. But I ain’t that lucky. HAHA! For that reason it is also another year of waiting for that right person to come into your life; that is if you’re like me who wouldn’t bother looking for him.

It is another year of life, pain, sacrifices and trials that are bound to hurt you, bruise you, and teach you lessons in life that will make you cry, make you sigh but in the end they will also make you stronger; of course only if you have the right outlook in life. Always remember that life and experience is the greatest teachers of all. And experience is a function of time and age; how will you acquire these experiences if you are stuck in time and you never grew old?

It’s a cliché, but with age comes wisdom. And a new year to gain wisdom is something worthy of praise.

So this year, I am to thank God above, for the new life, to grow older and wiser. Thank you for a new year to be a blessing or a burden.

I would like to thank every single soul who greeted me, personally, thru text, thru Facebook, thru letters and perhaps thru telepathy! J Also thank you for every single gift, big or small, material or not, a kiss or a hug, especially the one I received yesterday. HAHA! Sorry we didn’t talk! So much for your effort but I appreciated it. I was just too “maarte” to tell you. 😛 But really thanks.

To everyone who I bothered for BTP, I’m so sorry and super thanks to everyone who joined! And for all the stressed people I was talking to, I hope and pray that your stresses end and I hope I was able to ease up the tension in the slightest way possible.

To the apps, thank you for making today really awesome! And if you come to think of it, because of you, I will never have to celebrate alone. HAHA. I hope tonight was a learning experience that you all will cherish, because I will cherish everything that happened tonight. ♥

And yeah, thanks for the tears! :))

 I loved being a kid, I enjoyed my teens, but you know… I’m FEELING TWENTY too. ❤


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