Those Times

Batchbonding na soon please :))

Batchbonding na soon please :))

I always find myself looking back at the times when everything were right. Although they still are right to this day; I just cant help but smile at the thought that they were indeed the best memories. And that they are just too hard to forget. 🙂

Those were the times when talking wasn’t so hard. When smiling isn’t so bad. When you were the one taking my photos. Taking our photos. When sitting all day wasn’t boring. When laughing out loud wasn’t a joke. When being corny was cool. Or when we could look into each others eyes.

How I really miss my bestfriend. 😦 It was saddening. But then time heals all wounds. It was my fault perhaps that things went so out of hand, but people learn by their mistakes. And only a stone hearted person wouldn’t learn how to forgive.

And as everything is falling into their rightful places, all we have to do is watch them fall, and see if they add up to our newly recovered memory-lane. 🙂


(Andami kong time e.) HUHU :)))

PS. Wala akong mapiling picture so ‘yan nalang. 🙂


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