Happy Birthday!

I’m sorry I’m re-using this post. Haha. I don’t have the time to make a new one. 🙂 I’m not going to change the content. Haha. Ang cheesy tho. Saka ko nalang idadagdag yung mga bagong pictures natin together, kapag may time na ako. Hahaha. Happy Birthday Domsie! I hope you have a great one. Tama nang inom ha? Hahaha. :))) Ilibre mo nalang kami.


—–I am Only Human—–

SNCEC 2013

SNCEC 2012

I’m not sure we’re “friends” then. All I know, is KEMer ka, and magiging KEMer rin ako. We weren’t close. But atleast we are “friends.”

And then, I really did become a KEMer just like you. We walked as a group during that Lantern Parade. So I think we really are friends. No more quotation marks. Simply because we really are friends.

And although we never really “talked” so much our friendship grew. I remember this day like it was just yesterday. Eman's Ham Day And even on a simple day like Eman’s Ham Day we laughed and took this picture together.

And what’s even funnier is that I never really noticed that we were this close. Its like it just happened and there’s no stopping it too. Summer Clinic This close that I let you carry me. 

And we jumpstart the year with a deeper meaning of friendship. Not that I was aware of it that time, but maybe that’s how friendship is, it just happens. And I let you carry me again.

And then PACS’ Party, Elementa. I just know I’m safe with you guys. That alone is trust. Nothing Special And on days when we have nothing to do but be crazy, you’re by my side too. 🙂 STD? Not sure And crazier. Even bored. 🙂 ChE Week 2014 And closer. Like understanding what true friendship is. No malice, just caring for each other.

And during the time that I really needed to cry. You stayed by my side, when everyone chose to leave. 😦 Listened to my problems when the world was too deaf to hear my screams. Made me laugh when I felt like I can’t even put a smile on my own face. Made me feel that someone really cared.

And I know I sometimes sound like your mom, or just someone who’s interfering with your life, but but… I just really want you to know, that thats just me, and thats the only way I know how to show how I care. I may not be good at it, but I’m trying. And sometimes it really hurts that whenever I try to tell you to slow things down, and send you a disclaimer that I am not in any way trying to stop you to do the things you want to do; it seems like you have been thinking all this while that I’m in fact “fighting” with you… I won’t do that. I told you, and I will over and over if I have to, that I respect your decisions and I trust your judgement. But I will also forever remind you that your life is precious and you shouldn’t in any way put it to waste.

I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, I also feel bad.

I have sent this to you already but I’ll put it here anyway…

Domsie :(

Every girl needs a boy bestfriend. I’ve found mine, and I don’t want him to go. Im really sorry Dom. 😦

I’ve found my bestfriend, and I don’t even want to label him a bestfriend. Dom is fine, and I like it that way. Huhu, how can I ever make it up to you. :(((

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