The Things We Do For Love

I have grown an inclination to reading more and more books the past few weeks now. I have fancied staying in crowded book stores than watching a movie. In a span of two weeks I have read four books, (even though time was constrained by my other academic activities) Extraordinary, When Will There Be Good News, Chemical Pink, and most recently (just last night) Venus Envy.

I wasn’t drawn to the first two as much as I was on the last that I dropped them and turned to read new ones, but I’d get back to them provided the time. I have a stack more of books waiting to be read, the table bearing them is almost giving up. But for a reason I don’t know, I have fallen in love with the smell of a new book, even the smell of an old book. It’s just fascinating, that I just want to buy some more. 🙂

It must be impulsive buying, you may say, but I think not. I read them and learn from them. Actually, this isn’t about how I’m in love with books, it’s practically about the story I fell in love with just yesterday.

I finished reading Venus Envy by Shannon McKelden last night. Its about a girl, Rachel Greer who has been so fed up about chasing her fairytale dream of “happily-ever-after” with her previous boyfriends. Having to grow up with what she thought of as a perfect marriage like her parents’ and that of her siblings. But after an incident with her last relationship, she gave up and decided to fill her life with volunteering work and trying desperately to ignore her handsome suitor Luke Stanton. For quite some time she was successful “ignoring” him until the day she led Venus into her life.

Venus was – is a Goddess. She was forced by Zeus himself into fairygod-mother-dom and is a few love-life fixes away to be able to return to Mount Olympus. And as Rachel wasn’t the cooperative type, she had quite a bit of trouble into letting her accept her Prince Charming into her life. but with a bit of her powers left, she works her way to finally put an end to Rachel’s miserable love life.

Reading the book. I was for a short period of time absorbed to the story that for a moment, I too was like Rachel. I hated men. One in particular. And had to drop the book for some time to be able to unhate this person. (Again I’m really sorry for pouring all the nerves on you. HUHU, you know who you are.) And although I was never really the Cinderella-type of girl, I started to hate the Disney idealization that love was perfect and was so easily stumbled upon. However the story progressed to make you realize that love, true love isn’t about how Disney Movies portray them. It is in fact about how we portray love in our own lives.

I have also picked up, and so should most women that it was never important how men think of us. It was more important to think of how we feel and think about ourselves than any of them do. That loving oneself was far more meaningful than having to find someone to love you.

I picked up a new idea about how love truly feels, or how it should feel. Because just like how Venus said it:

Sometimes, feeling love is more important than breathing.

Rachel, Luke, and Venus did quite a lot of things in the name of love. Whether or not it was true love, or acting-in-love.

And speaking of love, feeling in love and doing things for love. I have yet again put my love to test. The love I feel for my organization UP KEM. This year is our 60th anniversary. And we have decided to enter a photo voting contest and we really truly need every help possible. Please please help us by voting every day, until the 15th.

We are UP KEM. And We Go Far.

We are UP KEM. And We Go Far.

Here’s how:

(1) Go to the app page:
(2) Hit like at the upper right portion
(3) Search for “Roxanne Mabunga” (not case-sensitive)
(4) Click the photo and hit vote

Send me some love by voting for us. Thank you so much! ♥


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