To People Who Fall In Love With Someone Who Is Trying To Get Over Someone Else

Because this line struck me:

“I just do not understand how I am worth leaving for someone who is leaving him.”

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Francisco Antunes image – Flickr / Francisco Antunes

I know. My friends keep throwing me disdainful looks when I talk about how the used-to’s are still-do’s. Sometimes I feel like people are rolling their eyes behind my back. I do not expect anyone to understand.

After we ended, I had no one to run to. So the best thing I could do was gather myself and learn to run from the pain. I try to ignore the snarky comments and the tone of the voices that ask me why, what more do you need, when will you realize… Because believe me, for the past 27 months, I’ve been bothered by my inability to answer those.

But of course I tried hard to move on. This part, most people don’t get. They think I like being depressed. I tried to stay away from home – a small city where everyone you know knows…

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