I Came To Take The Exam

Before anything else, I swear I’m not mad. This isn’t even similar to I only came to use the phone. It’s just another entry to this emotional dumpsite.

I had several exams this week. Including the week before it. I wasn’t in the right condition. The summer heat and air conditioned rooms weren’t a very good combination for someone who caught a persistent cough and cold. Taking medications that will knock you out for a while and still take those exams shouldn’t hurt. Should it?

I don’t even know what to say anymore.

But I’m sure of one thing. I listened to “Invisible” by Hunter Hayes a few minutes before one of those exams. Just when the song ended, I received a call. So I wiped the tears I unknowingly shed before picking up on the fourth or third ring.

I guess I can act well. The person never even noticed that noticeable after-crying voice.

So I came and took the exam and left for home.

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