I think it’s absolutely unfair that my planner only provides 2×2 inches for a Sunday entry. Like, really? There are a million and one things that can happen on a Sunday. Take my Sunday for example. Believe it or not, it was like a week on its own.

I woke up pretty early, around five in the morning. But, that’s a little too early for the sleepless night ahead so I went back to bed. Dozed off and viola I woke up late for my morning date. That was around seven-thirty. ( I know, that wasn’t late at all, but my house is far from civilization. ) So I rushed things. Super unprepared. I took the fast car and a ticket to anywhere. Feeling under-dressed for the occasion, I decided to be myself.

I cannot think of a possible way to justify how well this Sunday was spent. Especially the morning. Thank you for the company. It meant a lot to me and my sanity. I needed a break from all the stresses of the previous weeks and for the stress of the next days. It helped me a lot. It allowed me to discover a lot about myself as well. If you know what I mean. Everything fell into the right places. It wasn’t raining when we believed it will. It was cloudy when we needed shade. It was breezy when I wanted to sleep. It was spontaneously, fun just walking from one point and back again. It was amazing going in circles. Though you did not see that one coming? Really? That was just very amusing. 🙂 It was, and still is a beautiful feeling. It was one of the best days I’ve had for the semester. So thank you. Thank you so much. 🙂

So after that rendezvous, I was back to reality and I face two nights of little sleep. Thank you for the company guys. Finishing would have been hard if it weren’t for you guys. ♥

I may not have seen the Geminids, but I think a shooting star went past me and answered one of my deepest wish.


Thank you Sunny Sunday Sundate! ♥


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