That Feeling

When you’re a girl, you cannot help but feel insecure. In one way or another you will feel like someone else is always better than you. That someone else is always beyond your reach. Or that this someone is prettier than you are.

Yup! Makes you wonder.


And then you see this post.

*nods in agreement*

And you sigh because, you can’t think of anyone who would. Well maybe you’re just thinking about beauty in a different way. A way different from those people who actually think that ‘you are lovely, and you are beautiful and that you are loved.’

We may almost always say to ourselves that, we are nobody. But we are people too, we cannot be nobody and still exist. In fact, we may even be everything to somebody. It’s not even important if we know that that somebody in our life exists, what’s important is we know within ourselves our worth. We can never say that we truly know and understand how anyone can see our worth, if we cannot see them for ourselves.

In other words, before we look for anyone to value us, let us first learn to cherish our worth. Let us learn to love ourselves, before actually finding someone who will love our beauty and more importantly our flaws.

So, to all the girls out there. We are beautiful. And we should be proud of that. ♥

Wow, Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015 did this to me. :))

Hihi. ❤


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