Lucky I’m In Love

~♪~ Lucky I’m in love with my…

What, my best-friend? Nah! 🙂 But I am lucky to be in love, to be loved, to have given love, to have found love, and to have loved. ♥

Love is a many splendored things. Or so they say. But love is also very personal. Too personal, you can’t take anyone’s word for it, unless you, yourself have experienced it. It comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s anything and everything under the sun. It is love, when you call it love. It’s abstract, but it’s real. It’s there, but you’ve never really seen it. It’s a physical attraction, or it’s an emotional attachment. And it’s love, and that’s that.

Whatever and however you want to define love, every single day of every year is an opportunity to love. If you’re thinking of the “I’m in love with my boyfriend/girlfriend,” kind of love then, you must get your priorities straight. Like I’ve said, love is everywhere. And you should feel lucky, like I am for the things, more importantly the people through which I have found love.

I’m in love with books

This year was the year that I discovered, quite fully, how in love I am with books. My mom would leave me inside a bookstore for hours while she does her shopping. And I would stay there, enjoying the silent company of people who just like me are wondering in mountains of books that are waiting to be read. I would sit down in a corner and study all the books until I get this magical feeling, as if the book is calling me, drawing me into its depths. And although, I would always end up leaving, I never left empty handed. And it’s something we should always keep in mind, things may end, but we must have learned something from it.

I’m in love with chocolates

And who isn’t? Well, there may be people that are allergic to chocolate, but that is just the saddest thing. (I know, I get that often when people find out about my allergies.) It is truly wonderful how a bar of chocolate can take away the pain and sorrow of a bad day, quite comparable to the experience of eating a very dark chocolate. You take a bite and taste the bitterness, and right after the sting come the joyful sweetness. And that’s how life is, you have to feel a little pain, so that when it offers you something to cherish, it will truly be sweet.

I’m in love with the moon

This year was quite a show for the moon: glorioles, four supermoons, a blood moon and the nightly display of the marvelous beauty of the moon. For most people, the moon is just a ball of light at night flawed, full of craters, a body who’s too drawn to Earth; it cannot leave its side. For a lunatic, the moon is just amazing. Werewolves, turn into something otherworldly at the sight of the moon, and for me, as I am no werewolf, the sight of the moon is simply heavenly. People don’t call me Xann, for nothing; if you get what I mean. I just can’t stop chasing the moon, just like how we should never stop chasing our dreams.

I’m in love with my friends

It’s the kind of love that you won’t trade for anything. They’re my brothers and sisters from different mothers. They make everyday a rollercoaster ride. No, we’re not always in amusement parks, but you’ll be amused at how well (and how bad) they carry themselves and the people around them. They may not be perfect, as we all are, but they do give their best and they push you, literally and figuratively to bring out the best in you, too. And when being the best isn’t part of the options, they’ll be there to make the better person out of you. I’ll start with my college circles that have inspired and are still inspiring me to become a better person. To those of you who believed in what I can do, when I myself didn’t believe, it surely is an amazing ride with you. To the high school friends that I’ve kept through the years, I feel truly blessed to have come to know you. We may not have so much time together, but when we do come together, it’s like we were never separated. To all the acquaintances I have made, there’s a lot more to the “Hi!” or “Hello!” that I may have spoken, I just really have this tough shell. All you have to do is knock, you don’t need to break me, I will peacefully come out. J I may not be the perfect friend, not even close to being the best, but I love you guys, to the moon and back.

I’m in love with my family

There’s not much I could say about why I love my family. They are my everything, my all. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be who I am today. And for the past year that we have been only united by social media, I fall in love with them even more. This year we are complete and I feel complete, because I’m with you.

These are among the things that I am truly thankful for, for the past year. These are the things and people who made me feel loved and gave me the opportunity to love.

I love the sun, the stars, the night sky, shooting stars, dandelions, cats, dogs, strawberries, art, the trees, the fresh morning air. I love waking up in the middle of the night from the cold breeze. I love crying myself to sleep when things don’t turn out well. I love listening to music, and dancing to the beat of life. I love hugs, and kisses. I love every battle scar I have. I love the way a photo captures a moment before it flies away. I love how someone remembers something I said from a long time ago. I love how I can sleep anywhere. I love every bit of learning I had for the entire year. I love myself and I love how I fell in love with the one I love. ♥

The year is about to end, and it’s really important to look back and try to remember all the good (and the bad as well) things that made this year, truly worth living.

Well, we all know that a year would not go on without ups and downs, twists and turns, and laughters and tears. They are just inevitable parts of the process called life. But not many knows, or have come to terms of accepting the fact that, it is our own way of viewing life, and everything that it throws at us that truly defines how well a year is for us. We may have had a few sicknesses along the way, throughout the year, but the fact that we’re here, right now is already a huge blessing. Happiness is a choice and our choices define who we are. Before the year ends, stop and count all the blessing that you’ve received this year. I am quite sure this post is not enough to count mine, but I’ll hope that next year would be as great as this one, if not better.

This year has been great, thank you for being a part of it. I hope to still see you next year!

Happy New Year!


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