An Open Letter To Myself For When I Fall Down Again (And I Know I Will)

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Flickr / . Entrer dans le rêveFlickr / . Entrer dans le rêve

Dear You,

You are so young and beautiful. You are so strong and independent. You are kind and you are loving. You are an amazing friend and sister and daughter. All of the lives you’ve touched, you’ve permanently changed for the better. How do I know? Your mother tells you how much she needs her princess and your father tells you every day how beautiful you are and your baby sister tells you there’s nobody else in this universe she would rather take on the world with and your friends, baby girl, your friends love you to the moon and back. They could not imagine a life where their Sariana is not in it.

I have never met anyone willing to do more for those she loves than you. Sometimes I think that may be the reason for all of the times you’ve…

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