The Ways We Bare Our Souls To The People We Need The Most

Thought Catalog


I was in a Chicago airport last fall waiting for my friend to pick me up. It was almost midnight and I had just arrived back in the US after spending a month in Nicaragua. I wasn’t feeling well, exhausted from traveling, and just wanted to crawl into a giant bed and die for 12 hours.

A man sat down next to me. I guessed he was probably late 30s // early 40s and like me, he looked exhausted. My first reaction was great. I hope he doesn’t try and talk to me. But of course, as strangers often do, he started talking and within 20 minutes I had found out his entire life story. He was the father of two young boys and was dealing with the aftermath of a divorce and a brutal custody battle. He lived part time in Costa Rica and had an online job he…

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