Tell Me I’m Wrong

As I was going through my readings for a class this semester, I stumbled upon the fact that Spain, despite its unquestionable control over the Philippines and its trade for most parts of the 18th century, was actually powerless and was out shadowed by British and English mercantiles. Spain faced that problem because she refused to correct what she has been doing wrong. She refused even though the problem presented itself to her and despite the existence of individuals who were more than willing to point out that problem and the possible solutions.

Had Spain listened or had there been more people who were willing to right what is wrong, would Spain flourish against the Brits and Americans?

In a similar fashion, since its the season of Love and all that jazz, the article made me think that aside from being a person who will support you, your significant other should (and I mean they SHOULD) be someone who will tell you that you are wrong.


I believe it’s not enough to have someone that will say yes to everything you have to say. What if your opinion and actions were destructive? Isn’t it nice to have your partner stop you? I think it would be, at least he’s letting you grow while preventing possible damage made by you.

In a relationship, it may be important to support one another in the decisions that each person makes. But, a wrong deed is still wrong even if a hundred people do it. What more if it’s just the two of you saying that it’s right?

We all need that person who will tell us that they love us. That someone who will make us feel loved, understood, and appreciated. We all need someone who would support the right decisions we make and oppose the crazy and selfish ones we commit. We need that person who will fight for us when we’re put down, but will never start trouble on our behalf. We need someone who will listen to us, and everyone involved but most importantly will listen to the just voice that rules this earth. We need that someone who will tell us we’re wrong when our minds all screwed up and we think that we’re always right.

Tell each other you’re wrong if you are. You don’t always have to take the other person’s side to please them. Love also works with understanding and maturity.

Love is fair. We should stand by that definition. Love is blind, but we don’t have to be blinded by it. Just look at Spain, she loved the Philippines so much (and the treasures it gave her) look at what happened because she was blinded by this love, she ended up losing everything. 

What did I just say?


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