Content meant you’re happy with what you have. That you don’t have to ask for more. And if you ever do and not get what you asked for, you’ll be fine. Like nothing was ever wrong.

We often forget how easy life could be if we’re all content with whatever life presents us. Instead of looking for what’s not there, we could just focus on what’s at hand. Enjoy what keeps us happy and get past all our troubles. After all our happiness is our choice.

Happy people don’t always have the world in the palm of their hands. Happy people just know and they truly value the worth of what their hands hold. Right there, right now. 🙂


If you get to have a moment when you’re on a ride to school or work or wherever, and you remember something that makes you happy although you don’t have that thing or even person with you at that moment, and you smile thinking about them realizing how happy you are to have them, then you are really content.

Maagang kasabawan. 🙂

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