I’m Right Here.

“I’m right here, okay?”

It’s quite a simple phrase. Its not entirely a question, more like a statement. It’s so simple we sometimes forget what it truly means.

How often do we get someone to say this statement to us? Once, twice a week? I bet not. I bet we only hear this once every blue moon. And to hear it is pure bliss. And to say these words, a person can mean two things.

For one, it means what it says. “I’m right here.” It’s an assurance that no matter what happens, you will be there for the other person. An assurance that he’s never alone. Whether you’re miles apart or just a few inches away, it pays to know that you have someone you can turn and run to, in times of trouble, and need. It’s nice to know that someone is willing to hear you out when the world doesn’t pay attention to the silent screams of your heart.

On one hand, “I’m right here,” can be a tiny wish, a silent prayer for the person receiving it to need the one on the giving end. Yes, we all sometimes need someone to need us. We sometimes want someone we need in our life to make us feel that they need us as well. Because as much as we want them to feel that we’re always by their side, we also want to feel that they actually need us beside them.

So, the next time you hear someone say that they’re right beside you, through the good times and the bad, make sure you make them feel how much you appreciate them and the effort they put in making you feel loved and cared for. ❤

I’m right here for you. Just saying. 🙂

I'm right here.


I’m right here. I’m willing to listen. Willing to share your pain. I’m just a message/text away. Love you guys! ❤

*hugs from miles away!*

PPS. Engg Week naaaaaa! 🙂


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