Appreciation Post

I was half expecting a joke from the link you sent. A joke in the form of a scary link or a funny picture of us, so funny I wouldn’t want to see it again. Half of me was expecting a link to a TSwift cover, something we’d both want to listen to over and over again. But when I opened the link; I CANNOT HELP BUT SMILE!

Thank you so much. 🙂
I didn’t need it, but to see you, see me in a perspective I see myself through, it just means a lot. I know you’re going through things as well and to put a smile on other people in that state is hard. So thanks. ❤

I didn’t need it, cause I do not want to blame him. Getting hurt isn’t exclusive to me alone. He must have been hurt too, for all we know. And for all we don’t know. Someone else sent this to me.

It would be nice to think of it this way. But I can not put myself to think so. But it’s possible.

Anyway, thanks again! ❤


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