14 Things To Expect When You Date A Woman Who Has A Younger Brother

Our younger brothers care deeply about us, and they take pride in their urge to protect us from assholes. ♥

Thought Catalog

1. We know how to piss you off. Big sisters are masters of irritation. We’re smarter, wiser, and more infuriatingly manipulative than the most important little shitheads in our lives, and we know how to tick them off. You’re no more immune to our tricks than our middle-school brothers; we will exploit our years of experience making boys want to tear their hair out when you deserve it.

2. We’re unrelentingly suspicious. We know too damn much. Our brothers confide in us—they tell us all the stupid, mean shit they’ve done to girls, and we realize that their behavior isn’t so far removed from yours. When you start acting like a 13-year-old boy, we’ll start running in the other direction.

3. We’ll rely on you as a team member. We’re used to having men in our lives who, ultimately, always have our back. We believe that two is better than…

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