The Art of Talking To Yourself

Seriously, nothing is wrong with talking to one’s self every once in a while. 🙂

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It was Plato who made the case in his
dialogue Phaedrus that the directionless sense of written word is as absurd as talking to one’s self.  Plato noted that language was dialogue-driven in its nature, and criticized the art of writing for going against this core characteristic.  He warned of the limits with which writing was ridden and discouraged its nonsensical use.

How rude.

That was 360 B.C. according to my Evolution of Media professor, and this is mother-loving 2015.  I will talk to myself all I want, if that’s what writing is, despite the pretensions of one praised philosopher.  In fact, I will confidently acknowledge that talking to myself may be exactly what I enjoy most.  After all, people crazy don’t know they’re people.

That’s an inside joke. With myself.

It seems rather true, that writing parallels my tendency to talk to myself. 

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