17 Reasons Harry Potter Fans Have More Fun Than Muggles

Thought Catalog

1. We’re not afraid to express our love for every. single. aspect. of the HP Universe.

DevientArt//Dat-Chic        DevientArt//Dat-Chic

2. We have our own holiday weekend. It’s called the “Harry Potter Weekend” on ABC Family and it’s miraculous.

Harry PotterHarry Potter

It’s on all the time, and we’ll watch it every single weekend.


3. We’re not afraid to be openly in love with a fictional character.

toponday.com        toponday.com

4. Our holiday decorations are on point.


5. Our drinking games are ~*magical*~


6. We have gifs for every occasion.


7. We spend our time thinking about truly important things.


8. When we’re missing HP, we make hilarious musicals that get a sub-fandom of its own.

A Very Potter Musical        A Very Potter Musical

Seriously. THESE GUYS.

A Very Potter Musical        A Very Potter Musical

9. We’re positive thinkers.

tumblr.com        tumblr.com

10. Our imaginations are constantly in motion.

imgur.com        imgur.com

11. We like to delve deep into each character’s psyche.

http://i-am-in-your-fandom.tumblr.com/        http://i-am-in-your-fandom.tumblr.com/

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