I’m A Guy And A Virgin, But I’m At The Hospital Right Now And Doctors Are Telling Me I’m Pregnant

Well, what the hell did I just read?

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Flickr / Marty BonnerFlickr / Marty Bonner


They told me I had a hernia at first. From the descriptions of the pain, to the physical manifestation in my abdomen, I believed they were right. But no matter how many physicians I talked to, none could explain why the mass was moving so much.

“When you move, any large appendage will obviously sway or jiggle with you,” Dr. Thompson said, over his little round glasses. He let his white hair grow long, down to his shoulders. “Like when a fat man waddles away, and his belly waddles with him.” He smiled about that.

But I didn’t feel like smiling. I wasn’t fat, but I had been getting my share of jabs in class. Even my Biology professor cast me a sly kind of grin as one of the students asked him if men could get pregnant too, looking from me to him. Was…

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