15 Children’s Books And The Lessons Adults Can Learn From Them

Zero : Learning to find your own value is seeing what you’re made for, even if nobody else is, and realizing that’s what makes you remarkable.

Thought Catalog

It’s been said that if you want to write a book too difficult for grown-ups, then write it for children. Indeed, children possess a kind of supernatural intelligence that we lose as the years go on. We’re hardened by experience, stiffened by logic, closed by our actualization of fear. We find explanations for why things are as they are, and we lose our wonder. We think our bodies do all the growing they need, and so our minds can stop too. Sometimes it takes the simplicity of a story meant for little ones to remind us what’s really important, or to open our eyes to what we forgot we already knew to be true. Here, 15 of the most subtly profound children’s books, and the lessons every adult can learn from them.

Amazon / Amazon / The Heart And The Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

1. The Heart And The Bottle by Oliver…

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