This Is How You Lose Yourself

“You lose yourself when you let other people decide who you’ll become and you end up becoming second-rate versions of them instead of a first rate version of yourself.”

Thought Catalog

Fabien LemetayerFabien Lemetayer

You lose yourself through compromise. In the beginning it’s only the small stuff – the dish you didn’t care for at dinner or the night you didn’t want to go out. But over time it turns to bigger things – the career path you could have pursued or the traveling you could have done, had you not had that person or that situation or that one inconvenience standing in the way. You don’t make active, conscious compromises but you let opportunities slide off your radar without a second thought – ones you would have, in another world, jumped at. Ones that could have made you more you.

You lose yourself when you listen to closely to what everybody else has to say. You let your family tell you what job to work, your friends tell you who you should date and television tell you what you wear…

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