Untitled: Entry #1

It’s sometimes astonishing how many interpretations there are to a single phrase you write. You may not realize them but some other person will see it and think that you mean it the way they do. But then you don’t. You mean what you mean, when you say what you say. And when another person tells you that your statement turned out “like this” just listen to what they have to say. You don’t need to agree with them. Most especially if you think they’re wrong, because no one else knows what you think and feel other than yourself. Or at least no one else knows yourself better.

I’ve constantly noticed that sometimes I write stuff and realize that there are a few other meanings between the lines of a simple “I didn’t,” or an “I do.” And sometimes I mean both. And I do worry that people might misinterpret, but that’s what all of us are so great at; reading between the lines but getting the wrong message. And I don’t blame anyone for that. But why can’t we let everyone to be as vague and blunt as they want to be and not judge them? More so, why can’t we not impose to these people our ideals? I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it’s a little tiring to know that people get judged by expressing themselves. That people strive for justice, fairness, equality and the likes but fail to give others these things. And by writing this, I am now asking myself am I imposing my ideas on another person? Am I judging the people judging other people? Am I a living contradiction of my own statement? Or am I just a really confused person?

I don’t really need answers, I guess. But I’m just trying to say what I want to say.


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