Untitled: Entry #8

In a world of technological advancements and the Internet age, we often find ourselves Online. And we often rely on social networking sites to have that sense of connection with someone. Yes, communication is easy nowadays. But is it really?

Tell me how many times you’ve had a misunderstanding over chat, or how many times people mistook one of your tweets, or how many times you’ve misread someone else’s Facebook status. How often have you had an argument because your words are just words when placed on a text box? So, how can we say that we’re truly connected to anyone when we may always have this rift with them because we did not fully understand them?

Being a sarcastic girl, this is an all time problem I have to face. Which is why I still favor face to face conversations. Your words are uttered with emotions. The proper emotions you want to convey. There aren’t many gray areas of what it could mean, you get exactly what it is.


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