It’s Finally Over

We may not have made dethrone happen, but we did rise to the challenge!

We may not have made dethrone happen, but we did rise to the challenge!

For the past week, I was deprived of sleep, of legit meals, of a bed to sleep on, and of rest. But no matter how tired and stressed I may be, I would still be proud to say that I have survived this week.

Today marks the end of my second Engineering Week. While every other person in Eng’g were resting, I was with Dwinnie, returning to KEM Home, disposing off things that remained after EW. I’m finally on vacation!

So to give way for that requisite post-Eng’g-Week post, here is my blog post. 🙂

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate my family, my friends and my orgmates in college, UP KEM for rising to the challenge. We may not have made dethrone happen, but our mantra for the year #risetothechallenge did come true. For the first few days of this week, we were down at the bottom half of the leaderboards. Stuck in 7th place for three days. People might have laughed at us. All the other organizations were losing hope on us, but we kept pushing through. We lost games, we lost fights but we never lost hope. We kept fighting until the battle is lost. And with this dedication, we made it back to the top. We all know we won’t be settling for EWOR because of this experience. We made miracles happen through all our efforts for the last few days of EW ’13, and we know that after this year, we really can take that crown. We learned to acknowledge the fact that KEM isn’t always at the number 2 spot, KEM is there because we work hard for it. And next time, we will work harder, better. Congratulations to our Indakers, our Dulaang Stars, to LuckyHappyBand 168, our Maski Team, the Miss Eng’g Team and the Awitan Staff. You all did your best and I know next year would be even better. :))))

We may not have won the title, but at least we learned, so Eng’g Week 2014, we’ll be waiting and preparing for you!

Second, I would like to thank the EC and the Eng’g Week Team, for giving me the opportunity to help you steer our way to where we are. It indeed helped me grow, and I surely have learned a lot from it. I would also like to take this chance to apologize for all the missed Gen Meets. I’m really very sorry. And of course congratulations for making KEM truly awesome. 🙂 ❤

Third, I would like to thank Prod Team Eng’g Week 2013 for a job well done. Special mention to Art, Ate Fem, Kuya Jaypee and KEM ’11. Prod is never prod without you guys! ❤ We may not have a “best in productions” title but the mere fact that we know that we worked hard for all the props that made every night event awesome and the way our fellow KEMers appreciate our work is enough credit to be happy about. Thank you for everyone who helped out, however small your help was, together it makes a whole lot of difference. Remember this, our life-sized chess pieces, the Excalibur costumes, and the Ratan shields would never look like what they did if it wasn’t for the small hands that weaved, cut, sewn and glued them together. So again, big big thanks to everyone of you.

Fourth, for all the KEMers and Alumni that showed their support, especially in our darkest hour. Thank you very much. It was you that has fuelled us to fight until the very end. Words are not enough to describe how KEM is loved by all of its members.

Fifth, for all my Eng’g friends, who we fought battles with, Eng’g Week is just Eng’g Week. And friendship is friendship. 🙂 Congratulations to all my IEC friends, CIEM friends and other friends. :))) The battle is done, let’s all go back to what we are. HAHA.

And finally, to my family; who understood my situation, my brothers and my parents who never forgot to call and text me to go home. HAHA. I’m very sorry for all the times I made you worry. 🙂 I’m fine though and all my hard work paid off. I love youuu guys! ❤ Mwah!

And for anyone reading this, Thank you! This post is long so thanks for your time. :)) Have a happy holiday! ❤

And yeah, GO WAM! #kembading<3 HAHA :))))

PS Thank you KEM ’11. :))) Sobrang fun ng EW because of you guys! #bestbatch :))) Sa uulitin. Hihi. Bonding na soon, please? :)) See you next year! Mwah!! ❤

❤ Best Batch :))))


Its On.

Last thoughts before entering a battlefield.


Before doing anything, think about its pros and cons.
A while ago, I answered a survey shiz. It was meant to reveal something too personal. Good thing, I’ve got names of my friends (guy friends to say the least) who are already too used to being “linked” to me. HAHA. Sorry Kuya, but you didn’t fool me exactly. 🙂


Weekends should never be weak-ends anymore.
We need to give ourselves some time to rest, and relax. Recuperate if possible. Get enough sleep, take the right medicine. Don’t forget to take your vitamins, furthermore, don’t stress too much, because as long as you stress yourself out, you will never get well.


Prepare not just your stuff, as well as yourself.
Give it time to do what has to be done. A little extra breathing room would do you so much more and cramming everything up. If it is inevitable to cram, panic accordingly without sacrificing quality.



Fight for what is right, give it your best and never ever give up.
Quitters never win, and winners never quit, put that inside your mind, and your heart. Help yourself win whatever battle you’re fighting for. Seize the throne, claim what is rightfully yours.

The battle is on!