Untitled: Entry #9

What happens when two guarded people try to break each other’s walls.



A fight here and there.

They try again.

They’ll fail.

But they’ll try over and over.

Because it’s worth it.

The chance is so worth it, failing once, twice, or a million times isn’t going to be an obstacle.

Sure, they’ll get hurt.

They’ll doubt if this is worth the time.

Worth the pain.

Is it worth the struggle to let your guards down?

Is it worth the fall?

Is it worth the destruction of the wall you’ve both tried so hard to build around yourselves after being hurt?



But you don’t need to break each other’s walls or put your guards down.

You just have to let each other in.


Last Last Night

Because we're awesome. :)) <3

Because we’re awesome. :)) ❤

Last last night, I sat with a set-man. He was working for a television network as a set-man for nine years. Nine years of hard work and perseverance. It was a unique experience. Just listening to a person who really knows what hard work meant.

Working for television productions teams, they have to go to their network channel early in the morning and pick up their materials. Travel to their designated shooting place and stay under the rain or the scorching heat of the sun, for an entire day, even past 24-hours, they make everything we see on TV possible, without these men carrying around cameras, lighting systems and everything else behind the lenses, do you think it’ll be possible to catch the watchful eyes of their audiences?

I leave the answer to you. But what amazed me the most was the fact that, no matter how small people think of them, nothing that they do was really small. With his job, which others might call a no-brainer job, this man was able to buy land and build his own house. Which is in fact is one of my dreams right now, a dream that is just a little too far from actuality since I have no means to earn that much money.

So really what is my point? An anecdote of a random chat with a simple member of the country’s work force?

Actually no, I am more concerned with letting people know that even with small things, big things can be achieved. People may look down on you, but it doesn’t really matter, what matters is how much effort you have put in to be able to rise up and prove them wrong.

This man said, non-verbatim:

“Kahit na mahirap yung trabaho ko, ayos lang. Pinag-isipan ko kasi, nung mga panahon na nakatambay lang ako, anong mangyayari sakin? Mabuti nang pagod ako, mayroon namang perang mapansusustento sa pamilya ko, kaysa maging pabigat sa lipunan.”

(Even though my work is quite difficult, it’s fine. I had the chance to think during the time that I wasn’t working, what would become of me? I thought that it is best that I work and get tired, and have money to fund for my family than be a burden to society.)

I was surprised to hear that from him, really, he didn’t seem the type of person that would think of work in such a manner. And I thought to myself, do I see my work as something this enlightening? Do I believe that i have to work to be of use to the society, or do I just want to sit here and do nothing for the improvement of the country and myself? I smiled and thought, no. I wouldn’t want to be an agent of the country’s downfall. I will be an agent of change for the betterment of the people around me atleast, and it will all start with myself.

It will start with simple things that I will do. Goals I will accomplish and trials and failures that I will face. No matter how hard the work is, I will give it my best and exert all the effort possible, it’s not enough to just try, we should always give our best, for we never really know who sees the good in everything that we do.

And last night, I appreciate my work even more. No matter how tired and drained I am for the past days for last night’s performance, it was all WORTH IT. It wasn’t winning that was fulfilling, it was actually being able to reach out to people and make them look at the same direction that you want to take them to. And for that I would really like to thank and commend my batchmates for being the best batchmates and friends. Congratulations for our victory and thank you for showing dedication in whatever we did.

And of course, I would like to thank Madam Dwinnie for recognizing all my efforts and for the Best Committee Member for WAM for this academic year. I just really love working with WAM that, work doesn’t feel like work anymore. :)) ❤ Thank you so much!

Again, congratulations KEM batch 2011! Champions in the recently concluded Talentine 2014. ❤ Love you guys! 🙂