Its On.

Last thoughts before entering a battlefield.


Before doing anything, think about its pros and cons.
A while ago, I answered a survey shiz. It was meant to reveal something too personal. Good thing, I’ve got names of my friends (guy friends to say the least) who are already too used to being “linked” to me. HAHA. Sorry Kuya, but you didn’t fool me exactly. 🙂


Weekends should never be weak-ends anymore.
We need to give ourselves some time to rest, and relax. Recuperate if possible. Get enough sleep, take the right medicine. Don’t forget to take your vitamins, furthermore, don’t stress too much, because as long as you stress yourself out, you will never get well.


Prepare not just your stuff, as well as yourself.
Give it time to do what has to be done. A little extra breathing room would do you so much more and cramming everything up. If it is inevitable to cram, panic accordingly without sacrificing quality.



Fight for what is right, give it your best and never ever give up.
Quitters never win, and winners never quit, put that inside your mind, and your heart. Help yourself win whatever battle you’re fighting for. Seize the throne, claim what is rightfully yours.

The battle is on!